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UniCut Precision Cutter

  • UniCUT150/230A/230B
  • FEMA

High torque high power and variable-speed control system, strong power, high efficiency.
Closed-loop control, precision speed control, variable speed range, 500-3000rpm/minute, rotating speed can be customized.
Diamond cutting disk, which applies widely, the cutting surface is level.
Optional angle cutting holder.
Aluminum alloy base, good stability, easy to use.
Hard anodic oxidation working table, abrasion resistance.
Dry or wafering cutting, vacuum cleaner is optional.
Non-noise design, noise pollution is avoided.
Apply to various metal materials, circuit board, semiconductor, crystals, ceramic, quartz glass and lithofacies samples precision cutting. The facility is equipped with kinds of specimen holders, which can cut irregular shaped workpieces, it is ideal for industries and science institutions applications.

Tech Data UniCUT 150 UniCUT 230A UniCUT 230B
Basic parameter
Cutting Mode  Manual  Manual/Chop Cutting Manual/ Table-feed Cutting
Cutting Blade Φ154x12.7x0.6 Φ230x12.7x1.0 Φ230x12.7x1.0
Speed 500-3000rpm 500-3000rpm 500-3000rpm
Max Cutting Thickness 30mm 50mm 50mm
Y axis travel 50mm 100mm 100mm
Electrical Specification 250W 550W 550W
Cooling Mode  built-in cooling water tank
Table Dimensions(mm ) 290x320 400x450 400x450
Installation Conditions
Power Single Phase220V/110V Single Phase220V/110V Single Phase220V/110V
Packing Parameter
Equipment 290x340x230 460x500x350 460x500x350
Optional Accessories
          Tool Accessories box
Diamond Cutting Blade  1 piece  1piece  1 Piece
Blade Guard
Vertical Clamp   1 piece   2 piece   2 piece
Screed Cutting
Power Line
Water Output
Cutting Fluit
Silicon Cutting Sheet
Corundum Cutting Sheet
X axis feed holder 0-30mm  
Geologic Sheet Vacuum Fixture  
Angle Holder
Vacuum Cleaner
Open Spanner 15mm
Open Spanner 24mm
 Inner Hexagon Spanner 5mm
Optional     Standard Delivery



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