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Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester SU-400

SU-400 is an instrument with two applications. It can test thin, bright and clean specimen with the ultrasonic method and rough big specimens with Leeb rebound method. It solves the dilemma that Leeb method can not test electroplated coatings and hard coatings and ultrasonic method can not test coarse-grained materials.

  • SU-400
  • FEMA
  • Dynasonic Hardness Tester
  • HL、 HV、HB、HRC、HRB、HRA、HS, etc.
  • Bluetooth
Brief Introduction:
SU-400 is a combined portable hardness tester which integrated the ultrasonic hardness testing method and dynamic Leeb hardness testing. It supports not only the UCI measurement of ultrasonic including manual probe 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and motorized probe 0.3kg, 1kg but also the seven dynamic impact devices of Leeb measurement that is D, DC, DL, D+15, C, E, G to do rebound measurement. 

● One instrument two applications—Support ultrasonic probe and Leeb impact device.
● Metal shell—Metallic texture, shield electromagnetic interference effectively, improve instrument stability.
● Color screen display—Display the current measurement value, accumulative measurement value, Max, Min and Ave value.
● Bluetooth transferring—Support wireless Bluetooth print and data transferring.
● Mass storage—Save 1000 groups data.
● Calibration access—Save 20 groups calibration data without doing calibration for the same material over and over.

Technical specifications:

Product name Dynasonic Hardness Tester
Model SU-400
Ultrasonic Probe Standard delivery:2Kgf(optional Manual 1Kgf、5Kgf、10Kgf,motorized 0.3Kg and 1Kgf)
Impact Devices Standard delivery:Doptional DC,DL,D+15,C, G
Hardness Scale HL、 HV、HB、HRC、HRB、HRA、HS, etc.
Measuring Range HV:50~1599;  HRC:20~68;  HB:76~650;
HRB:41~105;  HLD:170~960
Measuring Accuracy HV:±3%HV; HRC:±1.5HRC; HB:±3%HB;HL: ±8HL
Resolution 0.1HR, 1HV, 1HB, 1HLD,0.1HS
Result Display Measurement value, Max, Min, Ave, single mode, batch mode, etc.
Data Storage 1000 group test results and 20 group calibration data
 Data Transfer Bluetooth
Continuous Working Period 10h (turn off the back light
Operating Environment Temperature: -10℃~50℃; Humidity: 30%~80%
Operating Voltage 4.2V
Charge Mode USB
Dimension 160x80x31mm
Weight ≤500g(probe not included
Standard Delivery:

Product Name Code # Product Name Code # Product Name Code #
Instrument Main Body 882-151 Rockwell Hardness Block 882-611 Accessories Box 882-901
2Kg Manual Probe HP-2K 882-321 Leeb Hardness Block 882-630 USB Cable 882-851
Impact Devices Type D 882-410 Probe Cable 882-801 Operation Manual SU-400

Optional Accessories:
Product Name Code # Product Name Code #
1Kg Manual Probe HP-1K 882-311 Rockwell Hardness Block HRC 882-631
5Kg Manual Probe HP-5K 882-331 Vickers Hardness Block HV 882-651
10Kg Manual Probe HP-10K 882-341 Big Cylinder Support Ring 882-531
0.3 Kg Motorized Probe MP-300 882-221 Mini-Printer 882-831
1Kg Motorized Probe MP-1000 882-251 Testing Stand 882-301
Deep Hole Probe Cap 882-721 Handy Silicone Shell 882-861
Small Cylinder Support Ring  882-521 Plan Support Ring 882-511



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