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Lapping 300/400 Automatic Precision Grinder Polisher

  • Lapping 300/400
  • FEMA

Various of Samples precision grinding, It is an ideal precision grinding equipment for enterprises and scientific research institutions
Color touch screen operation, easy to use.
Standard two groups of rocker armseach group of rocker arms can set swing speed independently.
High-torque and low-noise motor stepless speed regulation control system, The machine runs quietly and smoothly.
Working wheel for Final grinding and surface process can make the surface smooth.
Iron casting base, good stability.
Rough and rugged GRP (glass reinforced plastic) construction, high strength and long life.

Tech Data

  Lapping 300 Lapping 400
Working Wheel diameter,mm 304.8 406.4
Working wheel rotating speed,rpm 200
Working Wheel Jitter <3um/200mm
Working Wheel Quantity 1
Motor Power 800W 1000W
Base Iron Casting
Rocker quantity 2
Rocker rotating speed,rpm 0-9
Installation Conditions
Electrical Supply Single-phase 220V
Cooling water/water tank Must
Packing parameter
The whole machine    
Packing dimensions    
Splash Guard  
Plain-backed Paper
Polishing Cloth
Water inlet/outlet
Power line
Diamond Polishing Wheel
Iron Casting Polishing  Wheel
Copper Polishing Wheel
Conditioning Ring
Magnetic PSA Base
Magnetic Plate
Diamond Spray
Diamond Suspension
Diamond Paste
Alumina Polishing Power
Alumina Suspension
Silica Suspension
Automatic Liquid Dropping Device
Optional   Standard Delivery



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