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Gemany Red Dot Award Automotive endoscope ME series

Series Automotive endoscopes----the best endoscope in auto aftermarket!
Excellent guiding function----- 360°all-way bending probe, bending angle≥160°.
Integrated handheld design, fashion product appearance.
Germany Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016.

  • ME series
  • FEMA
  • Dia.6mm
  • Titanium alloy
  • 7mm~100mm
Product Features :
1. Excellent Quality
 Wear-resistant titanium alloy probe
Using a new type of titanium alloy probe, the wear resistance is 100 times of ordinary stainless steel.
Sapphire protective lens: impact-resistant/ fall-resistant/scratch resistant
Double tungsten alloy braided insert tube of 4 layers
Wear resistance: 20 times better than steel wire insert tube
Flexility: 4 times better than other materials
Low power consumption, long working time
3200mAh rechargeable batteries, low power consumption design, saving 30% power. A battery can work for 4.5 hour. It is equipped a backup battery to support long time inspection work, also supports for charging directly with adaptor during working.
Sturdy and durable: cold-resistant/ high-temperature-resistant /water-proof/ fall-resistant
Pass a large number of harsh environmental testing:
water-proof and dust-proof test: insert tube:IP67/ monitor: IP55 one meter fall-resistant test
2. Easy Operation
Simple and intuitive guidance menu
Support 8 languages:Chinese, English, Russian, etc. Ergonomic design, easy operation
Fast and accurate target location
With a unique design of damping elastic rocker, users can fast and easily control the probe direction. After positioning, users can make sharp turning with ocker for more detailed inspections.

3. Light and Handy
Only 0.45Kg(with battery), one-hand operation
The packaging case is fall-resistant, light and portable. Users can easily carry out and put it into luggage rack in the aircraft, train during the trip.
Sturdy protection design enhances the product protection level.
Detachable magnetic base
Integration design, one-hand-operation
Detachable magnetic base can be adsorbed on the metal surface, makes the operation and inspection easier.
absorbable base, rotatable image, convenient inspection.

4. Super features
Globally unique technology of replaceable insert tube
According to different inspection requirements, users can easily replace the spare insert tube with different length, diameter, depth of field and viewing angle, which can greatly reduce the using cost.
Super large depth of field and wide viewing angle
The illumination of ME Pro series is 10 times of the ordinary borescope. It is up to 20,000lx at a maximum.
7 levels of brightness adjustment
Super large depth of field: 10mm-100mm
Viewing angle:100°
Excellent Image processing technology
3.5 inches SONY HD digital screen
Static picture:4 times magnification
Real-time image:2 times digital magnification
With Wider picture processing technology, it can effectively highlights the details, and makes the pictures delicate and realistic.

ME series are widely used in auto aftermarket, in order to check the cylinder block, valve, piston head, nozzle, ternary catalytic converter, evaporation tank, piping and gap of car body. With visual inspection, the car owners and mechanics can easily know the running state and of the car and troubleshoot.

Replaceable Insert Tube Users can easily replace the spare insert tube
Remote Connection
Connect with computers and remotely view the situation of measured object in real time.
Camera Pixel 450,000
Angle of Field 100°
Illumination 20,000lx at a maximumadjustable
Bright/Chroma/Chontrast Ratio Adjustment 0-16 levels adjustment
Bending Control 360°all way mechanical control

Bending Angle


Effective Working Length


Insert Tube

Quadruple tungsten-braided tubes


Highlight 3.5 inchesTFT LCD

LCD View Angle


Camera Resolution



Standard TFcard:8G

Data I/O port

Micro-USB port,Video output port


Camera/Object lens/Tubes:IP67

Host Working Time

≥4 hours


≤0.45kg(with batteries)

Power Supply

Rechargeable lithium battery(dismountable)

Battery Capacity

4.2V 3200mAh

Power Consumption


Charging Parameters

DC5V, Maximum current:1A

Operation Environment :

Host System   Working

-10°C~50°C,when 0°C below, the display needs



Camera Working Temperature

-25°C~100°C,when 0°C below, please reduce oriented


Store Temperature


Relative Humidity

Maximum: 90%, non-condensing




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