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Digital Twin Vickers/Brinell Hardness Tester Vicky VB-62.5

Vicky VB-62.5 equips with Brinell and Vickers test methods, just replace indenter to do specific testing.

  • Vicky VB-62.5
  • FEMA
  • Digital Twin Vickers/Brinell Hardness Tester
  • (8-650) HBW
  • 8HV-2967HV
Vicky VB-62.5 Features:
● Vicky VB-62.5 equips with Brinell and Vickers test methods, just replace indenter to do specific testing. 
● Standard delivery comes with 5x and 10x objectives, all of them can do measurement, indenter and objective switches motorized. 
● Available to preset dwell time, illumination brightness. 
● Motorized turret, close loop loading system and touch screen/control panel input.
● Innovative design of color touch screen, shows force selection, dwell time, hardness conversion, etc. 
● Hardness result can be converted to HK, HBW, HRA, HRC, HV and superficial rockwell scales. 
● Equips with blue tooth module, realize the wireless data transfer to computer and mini printer. 
● In order to avoid operation error, optional measurement software MV-200S and MB is a good choice. 
Wide application: mainly used to Test very thin materials like foils, thin pieces,coatings layers,etc;
Measuring hardness of the surface of a part,small parts or small areas;
Measuring individual micro-structures;
Measuring the depth of case hardening by sectioning a part and making a series of indentations to describe a profile of the change in hardness.

Vicky VB-62.5 Technical Specification: 
Name Digital Twin Vickers/Brinell Hardness Tester
Model Vicky VB-62.5
Brinell Force Kgf 56.251015.6253031.2562.5
N 49.061.398.0153.2294.2306.5612.9
Brinell Scales HBW5/62.5HBW2.5/62.5HBW2.5/31.25HBW2.5/15.625HBW2.5/6.25HBW1/30HBW1/10HBW1/5
Vickers Force Kgf 122.53510203050
N 9.819.624.529.449.098.0196294490
Brinell Hardness Range (8-650) HBW
Vickers Hardness Range 8HV-2967HV
Loading Control Automatic (Loading/Dwell/Unloading)
Turret Control Motorized Switch
Magnification Observation5x/10x; Measurement5x/10x
Eyepiece Digital Eyepiece 10x
Dwell Time Adjustable 1-60s
Hardness Conversion Scales HRCHVHBSHBWHKHRAHRDHR15NHR30N
Conversion Standard ASTMDIN
Operation Language Chinese, Language, German, Turkish, Korean, etc.
LCD Screen 5.2" Color touch screenResolution:640*480
Max Height of Specimen 170mm
Throat 130mm
Power supply AC220V/50HZ;110V/60Hz
Instrument Dimension 535 x190 x585mm
Packing dimension 610 x450 x770mm
Gross/Net weight 47Kg/43Kg
Execute Standard GB/T4340, ISO6506/6507ASTM E10-12/E92   JIS Z2243

Vicky VB-62.5 Standard Delivery
Name Code # Name Code #
Main Unit #821-300 Ø200mm Test anvil #831-551
Digital Eyepiece 10x #831-241 Ø40mm “V” test anvil #831-521
Hardness Block HV1 #821-601 X-Y test anvil #821-701
Hardness Block HV10 #821-621 Vickers indenter #821-401
Hardness block HBW 62.5/2.5 #831-651 Objective 5x #831-301
Hardness block HBW 30/1 #831-661 Objective 10x #831-311
Anti dust cover #831-911 Power cable #831-801
Ø1mm ball indenter #831-401 Accessories Case #831-901
Ø5mm ball indenter #831-421 Level #831-831
Ø2.5mm ball indenter #831-431 Packing list Vicky VB-62.5



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