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Digital Toolmakers Microscope TOOLMicro-1050

It is widely used in mechanical, meter, electronic and light industry; university, Institute and metrology department. The measuring profile projector can detect the contour dimension and surface shape of variety complex workpiece, such as templates, punching pieces, cams, threads, gears, molding milling cutters.

  • TOOLMicro-1050
  • FEMA
  • Digital Toolmakers Microscope
  • ≤5um
  • Digital Readout DP400
  Precision working stage travel:100 x50mm
  High precision linear scale : 0.5um
  Color screen multifunctional digital readout : DP400
  Optical objective with adjustable LED ring reflector illumination;
  With high accuracy and high stability.

Model TOOLMicro-1050
Metall Stage Size 252×252mm
Glass Stage Size 196×96mm
Resolution 0.5um
Measuring Accuracy ≤5um
Measuring Device Digital Readout DP400
Max.Height of Specimen 115mm
Max.Weight of Specimen 5Kg
Max.Magnification 150×Φ0.13mm)(15×Eyepiece+10×Objective
Min.Magnification 20×Φ6.5mm)(10×Eyepiece+2×Objective
Standard Magnification 30×Φ0.13mm)(15×Eyepiece+2×Objective
Standard Working Distance 67mm
Optical Tube Monocular with 30°depression angle
15×Eyepiece with Crossline Reticle
Eyepiece WF15/13
Objective Magnification:2×
Working Distance:2.638"(67mm)
Eyepiece Protractor Range 360°
Eyepiece Protractor Graduation
Vernier Angle Reading 6’
Contour Illumination Light source:Tungsten bulb(24V;2W)
Surface Illumination Ring LED illumination brightness adjustable
Power Supply AC110V/60Hz;220V/50Hz
Dimension(D×W×H) 415×315×420mm
Packing Dimension(D×W×H) 210×333×391mm
Gross/Net Weight 30Kg/25Kg

Standard Delivery
Accessory Name Accessory Name Accessory Name
15XEyepiece 2X Objective Ring Illumination
Linear Scale Power Cable Operation Manual



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