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AutoPress Series Automated Mounting Press AutoPress4001

  • AutoPress4001
  • FEMA
  • Automated Mounting Press
  • Automatic Water Cooling
Optimized warming up and cooling system, ultrashort mounting time.
One-key operation, automatically processing warming up, pressing, thermal insulation, pressure maintaining, cooling and unloading.
Operation on 7inch color touch screen, easy-to-easy.
Built-in 20 groups of frequently used data, the data can be user-defined.
Chinese and English interface, it can be switched freely.
4002 two site model design, it can press different size of samples at the same time.
Multiple safety protection.
Smooth thermostabilty High strength shell.
Tech Data

  AutoPress 500 AutoPress 1200 AutoPress 4001 AutoPress 4002
Basic Parameter
Operation mode Auto Auto Auto Auto
Station 1 1 1 2
Pressurization Pneumatically Hydraulic Pressure Hydraulic Pressure Hydraulic Pressure
Cooling Mode Automatic Water Cooling
Mould,mm 30 40 50 Other specifications can be customized
Max Pressure (kgs) 500 1200 4000 4000
Highest Temperature() 160 160 200 200
Machine Power 0.9KW 1.2KW 1.6KW 3.2KW
Installation Conditions
Electrical Supply 220V5A/110V10A 220V6A/110V12A 220V8A/110V15A 220V15A/110V30A
Air Supply Must      
Cooling Water/Water Tank Must
 Packing Parameter
 The Whole Machine        
The Whole Machine Packing        
Water Tank        
Water Tank Packing        
Black Mosaic Power
Green Mosaic Power
Red Mosaic Power
Electric Conduction Mosaic Power
Edge Preserving Mosaic Power
Transparent Mosaic Power    
Air Water Filter      
A Funnel
Water Inlet/Outlet
 Power Line
Cooling Water Tank
Optional   ● Standard Delivery



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