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AutoCut 230/250 Automatic Cutter

Apply to cutting ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, thermal treatment workpieces, forge piece, rock, semi-conductor, ceramic, etc. The facility is equipped with kinds of specimen holders, which can cut irregular shaped workpieces, it is ideal for industries and science institutions applications

  • AutoCUT230/250
  • FEMA
  • The base is cast in one piece from nodular cast iron , which is of good stability.
  • High torque high power and variable-speed control system, strong power, high efficiency.
  • 7 inch color HD touch screen, easy to use.
  • All electronic components are Schneider Electric, safe and reliable.
  • Standard delivery with electronic Brake, safe and reliable.
  • 304 corrosion-free stainless steel T-slot clamping table, 304 corrosion-free stainless steel quick holder with double parallel vise. Easy to clamp various irregular shaped specimens.
  •  304 stainless steel quick holder, corrosion-free, long life.
  •  Huge totally closed cutting chamber, easy to use.
Tech Data

  AutoCUT 230 AutoCUT 250
Cutting Mode Manual/Auto Manual/Auto
Cutting Blade 100-230x12.7x1.2 100-250x32x1.5
Rotating Speed(rpm) 500-3000
Max Cutting Dia.(mm) 70 90
Max Cutting Capacity (mm) 70x200 90x200
Y Axis Range (mm) 200
X Axis Range (mm)    
Working Table Dimensions WxD (mm)    
Cooling Mode Water Cooling
 Power 1.2KW 1.8KW
Installation Conditions
Electrical Supply Single-phase 220V
Packing Parameter
Host Packing    
Water Tank    
Water Tank Packing    
Accessory Tool Box
Diamond Cutting Blade
Silicon Cutting Blade
Corundum cutting blade
Common Water Tank
Plastic Water Tank
304 Stainless Steel Quick Holder  Left Side Left Side
Vertical Clamp
X Axis Feed Holder
Principal Axis Stepless Speed
Electronic Brake
LaserControl NT
Strong Magnetic Filter
Cutting Fluid
Exhaust System
Open End Wrenches,30mm
Allen Key,8mm
Vertical Working Table
Optional   Standard Delivery



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